These instructions explains how to install a certificate to use the proxy.

Before you start you need to download the certificate to install. You can download the latest certificate HERE.

1. Find the certificate

After Downloading the certificate locate it in your Downloads folder or where you saved the file.

If you haven't downloaded the certificate, you can click HERE.

2. Click File -> Add/Remove Snap-In...

3. Add Certificate

Select 'Certificates' in left panel and click 'Add' to move to right panel , Then Click 'OK'

4. Select 'Computer Account' option and click 'Next'

5. Click 'Finish'

6. Click 'OK'

7. Start to import Trusted Root Certificate

A. Expand Certificates Node;
B. Right click Trusted Root Certificates -> All Tasks -> Import.

8. Click Next

9. select downloaded Certificate file

Click 'Browse' to select correct Certificate file and click Next

10. Click Next

11. Click Finish

12. Done