A bit of background: Oracle issued a critical patch to Java in April 2017, JAR files signed using MD5 will no longer be considered as signed by the Oracle JRE. Affected MD5-signed JAR files were no longer be considered trusted and as a result will not be able to run by default, such as in the case of Java applets or Web Start applications. By default if you try run these redirected consoles you will be denied. The fix for this is pretty simple but requires you to bypass disabling the MD5 filter.  You can find out more about this change here.

Use notepad or a text editor (I prefer notepad++) and run the program as Administrator

Open the file:
64bit  C:\Program Files\Java\$JAVA_VERSION\lib\security\java.secuirty
32bit  C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\$JAVA_VERSION\lib\security\java.secuirty

You will need to edit the around line 615, I recommend copy and pasting the line and removing the MD5 from the jdk.jar.disabledAlgorithms as shown below then save the file.

Then you will need to open the JAVA Control Panel and whitelist the DNS Name or IP Address (I typically use IP Address) so that we can run the Java Applet.  Enable Java content for browser and Web Start Applications, change the security level to high and and the server to the Exception List as shown below.

Then you will be able to run iKVM java applets from your severs so you can manage them.  You will still get a couple popup prompts about running the Java applets, but after accepting them you will be able to run it.

Then you can manage your server as though you were sitting right in front of it.